RPN Preparation Course


This course covers the essential concepts of human anatomy. The training is directed to provide instruction in the organization and structure of the human body components (anatomy) and their functions (physiology). During the unit, students will examine the role of cells and tissues and will comprehend the functions of the skeletal, muscular, nerves, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. Furthermore, students will understand how the anatomy systems work independently and in relation to the function of the body as a whole.

RPN Exam Preparation L1 40 hours                           $499.00
RPN Exam Preparation L2 40 hours                          $499.00
RPN Exam Preparation Comprehensive 80 hours  $850.00


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  • Price: $499
  • Students: Contact for info!
  • Duration: 40 Hours
  • Skills: Beginners
  • Language: English
  • Assessment: Self/Instructor led