Although the process for applying for our programs varies by course category, the overall process to get your application is generally all the same.

Find your ideal program!

You can search for the ideal program of choice using our ‘academics’ tab that will allow you to search through the various courses we offer at our campus. For further guidance, talk to any of our advisors at (905) 672-2277.

Admissions Requirements

Every program/course has a different set of requirements that are required to enroll in the program. This is to ensure that the student has the appropriate education that will help them further develop their educational pathway. For additional information, check the “admission requirements” tab in each one of our courses.

How to enrol?

Now that you have figured out what you’re interested in, and you’ve checked if you satisfy the admission requirements, now you are ready to apply!

To start your application, you can click on our online application or come into our campus to get registered.

Also be advised that there are specific start dates you’d need to be enrolled in, to make sure you reserve your seat, please contact us through email ( or again call one of our advisors @ (905) 672-2277.

International student?

For any international students inquires, the process, time, and enrollment may vary for the application. For more info click here!